Repair and Revive Damaged Hair


Repairing damaged hair is possible. Whether a mistake was made during a color treatment, or your heat styling got out of hand, your hair CAN be healthy again. It can be a simple fix, by just changing how you treat and style your hair.  It could also require multiple visits to the hair salon for corrective color services and conditioning treatments. It all depends on the condition of your hair, and what your hair goals are. We have some advice to help you bring damaged hair back to life and keep it healthy.

1. Limit your use of heat
It's pretty common to want the hair texture you don't have. There is every kind of heat tool out there to help you achieve the look you want. Flat irons to straighten curly hair, or curl wands to add beachy waves to straight strands! Everyone owns a blow dryer. What you need to keep in mind is that heat can damage your hair, so try to avoid it if your hair is already damaged.

2. Do not style damp hair
Wait for your hair to be completely dry before styling it with any sort of heat tools. The one exception here is when you are blow drying it. Gently squeeze out as much water as possible, towel dry your hair and apply a thermal spray before blow drying it. This will allow your hair to dry more quickly, limiting the time it is exposed to heat, and the thermal spray will add a protective barrier.

3. Get a trim regularly
If you have dry or damaged hair, you will want to get a trim every 10 weeks to clean up your split ends and allow new, healthy locks to grow in. If you have split ends, and a lack of moisture before 10 weeks, go ahead and get it cut as soon as you can. Don’t be afraid of your strands being short, this will actually help you hair grow in faster because it’s healthier. Trim away!

4. Use Conditioner - on all of your hair
Most people only apply conditioner to the ends of their hair, avoiding the scalp for fear of a greasy look. Luckily for us, conditioners these days are much less heavy, which means you can start by slathering the tips of your ends, and work the conditioner up into the rest of your hair - including your roots.

5. Repair the bonds of your hair
Bonds of hair can be broken as a result of lifting, lightening, texturizing and straightening hair. To combat this, we use a patented product called Olaplex, to actually repair these bonds during a color or perm service. Olaplex has amazing results during these salon services and they also offer products you can use at home! Repairing hair from the inside out makes a huge difference.

6. Get rid of buildup in your hair
Over time, hair can have product buildup, or buildup from minerals in hard water.  If your hair appears dry or brittle, this is probably the culprit. We recommend getting rid of any and all buildup with a clarifying Malibu Treatment, every few months. The treatment will attach itself to any mineral or styling product residue, returning your locks in a gentle way to light, silky strands.

7. Treat yourself to a Deep Conditioning Treatment
Who doesn’t love relaxing under a dryer with a deep conditioner? There are 3 types of treatments, depending on what will fit you best! Protein will give thin or fine hair a boost in strength and volume, moisture treatments will breath life back into dry hair, and reconstruction treatments will take care of both for previously damaged hair. It’s a mini spa your hair will thank you for.