Hairstyling Hacks for Men


When it comes to hair, gentlemen need some love, too! These simple styling hacks will keep you looking great, no matter the occasion. Hair that frizzes up? We got you covered. Curly hair? Check. Short hair? Double check. Not much hair? We have some tips for you, too. You're on your own for attire though, we can only do so much. 


 Use less shampoo

This one is for everyone - wash your hair less. Seriously. Washing every day strips the hair of natural oils, and it can’t replenish them fast enough. We recommend shampooing once every 2 to 3 days. You can go longer if you choose, just watch out for natural oil building up. Simply rinsing in your morning shower with just water is fine for no-wash days. 

Use dry shampoo

I know we just told you to use less shampoo, but dry shampoo is different. If you’re traveling, on the go, or on a no-wash day - dry shampoo can be your hairstyle’s saving grace to looking and smelling great!  It will absorb the natural oil accumulation from your scalp, and will freshen up your hair. Keep some handy at home, at work, and in your gym bag.

Use products 

We know there are many products out there, and it can be overwhelming. Depending on the type of look you’re going for, you will want to make sure to choose the correct type of product. If you are looking for a messy, casual ‘do (looking at you, Orlando Bloom), you will want to stick with clays and pastes. Want a refined, slicked back hairstyle? Try a gel. 

Now that you know what products to use, let’s talk about how to use them. If you are going for paste, clay or wax, be sure to massage the product into dry hair. If applied to wet hair, it will clump it together. Finger-comb these through for a tousled look.

Gel and cream are applied to towel-dried, but still damp hair. Just make sure you don’t apply these products to wet, dripping hair. For a super sleek look, use a plastic comb. For a more relaxed slick-back, you can use the finger-comb method. 

No matter what product you are using, you will want to take a dime-sized gob. Warm it up between your palms, and work it in starting at the roots. This will distribute it evenly and prevent a sticky mess. 


Combine products


Spoiler alert!! it’s OK to use more than one product! If you can’t find the hold and texture you’re looking for, try out different products and combine them. Just stick to the methods we went over at the beginning of the article, and your ‘do will be looking just fine. 

Clean it Up

We’re not living in the caveman era, and your hair should reflect that. We also have technology at our fingertips - like a small electric razor. Use it to clean up and maintain the edges of your hairline to keep it tidy between cuts. Added bonus? It saves you money, because you can go longer without visiting us. 

Add Volume

Looking for something a little more out there (or “up” there, we should say)? Try adding volume. Use gravity to your advantage and blow dry your hair upside down. If you want a little bit more control over the style, grab a comb and blow dryer. You will want to continuously comb your hair up, as you blow dry it up at the same time. This should get your hair to stay up - work that pompadour! 

Humidity is NOT Your Friend

It is an enemy. Moisture in the air can kill your style by causing frizz, weighing it down, and diluting your product (causing less hold). So,check the temperature before leaving the house. You don’t have to stay in, but investing in anti-humectant products will help to shield your hair from the moisture. We always recommend keeping extra product on hand for touch ups during work or traveling. If all else fails, and you live in a humid environment, you may want to opt for a shorter hair cut.