“Hair” Comes The Big Event

When planning to attend a special event, your hair can be your greatest accessory. It’s a reflection of your style, personality, and essence – the icing on your image cake! If you’re worried that you’re all thumbs when it comes to defining your event hair style, these helpful tips will make a big difference in helping you look your best. There are numerous ways to prepare your hair for a special event or night out, however if you need something effective that works fast, consider a salon treatment. The first step is to address the current condition of your hair. If flyaways, frizzies, and summer ponytails have left your hair fuzzy, coarse, and damaged, it might be the perfect time to invest in a Keratin treatment. Keratin complex treatments infuse natural keratin (an extremely strong protein that’s naturally found in the cellular building blocks of your hair and skin) into your hair from root to tip, which reduces frizz and curl while strengthening and adding shine for an extended period of time. This treatment improves the texture and appearance of your hair and lasts for up to five months. It’s a great way to get your hair looking smooth and glamorous for a special event or as a simple image improvement. Click here to find out more about trUe’s Keratin process and other deep-conditioning, mineral removal, and reconstruction treatments that we offer our clients. REMINDER:The products you use in your hair greatly impact the shine, condition, and overall healthiness of your locks. Our Productspage lists our top recommended products for our clients. Moving on to the “buzz” of the season. You’ve got the perfect dress, the perfect date, but you don’t know what to do with your hair. It is always a good idea to create a “Beauty Binder” filled with inspiration for your big day. As you’re perusing magazines and Pinterest for your perfect up-do, tousled twist, or curled coif, keep in mind your hair’s potential for success. If you have a cropped cut, you may need to opt for extensions to achieve your long look; or, if your hue isn’t on cue for your close up, perhaps highlights or lowlights could help get you there. And a fresh trim is always the trick for achieving frame-worthy fringe. Let the expert team at trUe help you plan for your pre-event needs before your big day arrives, for your best look. To get your Beauty Binder started, here are some helpful “hair-do’s and don’t’s” to keep in mind: HAIR-DO:

  1. Pick a style that highlights your face shape.
  2. Don’t be afraid to braid.
  3. Loose curls look beautiful in a variety of different styles.
  4. An elegant side-sweep is a classically charming must.
  5. Accent your look with a fresh flower flair (but watch for drooping petals by the end of the night!).


  1. Over-do it. The natural look is back and better than ever.
  2. It’s not to DYE for. If you’re looking to try out a completely new style, test it out a few weeks/months before the big event.

From Fall formals to The Big Day, the trUe team is here for you - whether you’re prepping at home, on-site, or at our salon. Group accommodations can be made for you and your crew, too. Let the team at trUe be part of your mane event, and celebrate your best ‘do!