Break Up with Hair Breakage

For many women, the "daily grind" starts with a fast morning blow dry to get out the door. However for others, it takes more. Many use hot curlers, curling irons, and/or their flat irons set to the hottest temperature before hitting the road to sit in gridlock traffic for the morning commute to work. Talk about stressful! While there's little you can do about traffic stress, you can reduce the stress and damage that blow drying and heat styling can have on your hair. Hair that regularly endures the heat of blow drying, flat ironing, or curling is likely to become damaged and harder to repair in the long run. Even the strongest strands can't withstand the daily high temperatures of modern hair tools, which can cause breakage. So, you have a dilemma - you love the look of your frizz-free, maintained, and styled hair, however realize that you’re creating unhealthy hair and breakage from overusing using heat styling tools. This is why it’s important to turn to an expert who can prescribe a home remedy to rejuvenate your hair back to health, while allowing you to have the look and style you want. Tip 1: Mix it up While it may not be realistic to quit your heat styling routine cold turkey, think about giving your hair a break from styling every other day. "Second day hair" has its benefits - not only are you sparing your hair from extreme heat, but your scalp's natural oils can help to rejuvenate the condition of your hair on off days. To give your “second day hair” a lift, try Bedhead OH BEE HIVE! Matte Dry Shampoo, available at trUe. This very fine powder will give your hair a freshly-shampooed look (even if it’s not!).  For days when heat styling is a must, protect your hair from damage by using a heat shielding product. trUe’s favorites are Color Wow SPEED DRY Blow Dry Spray and Aquage Beyond Shine. If you have extremely oily hair and feel the need to give it a daily wash, use a cleansing agent that conditions while eliminating buildup. The expert team at trUe Salon recommends Soma's Clarifying Shampoo, which is always available at your favorite trUe location. Ask your trUe stylist about this great product at your next appointment.Tip 2: Strengthen from the inside out Fuel your body with nutrients, so that your outside can shine as radiant as your inside! Balance your diet with foods that are high in proteins (salmon, nuts, etc.), minimize your sugar and sodium intake (moderation is key), and hydrate! Water is crucial for repairing damaged hair and your overall health. Tip 3: Use Repair & Moisture Products: Use natural and gentle products that work with your hair type. For around-the-clock conditioning, consider a leave-in conditioner. Our favorite is ProRituals ColorFuel to transform frizzy hair and safeguard hair from damaging sun exposure. Deep conditioning treatments help to repair hair's elasticity, while combination treatments like trUe's Demineralize & Protein Combo remove toxins and support hair structure from a cellular level - root to tip. Everyday, hair absorbs a myriad of minerals and residue from the environment, water in your shower, and even from medications. trUe offers the Malibu 2000 treatment which safely removes buildup using a chelating process, which allows the treatment to attach itself to foreign particles in the hair without causing damage. Once the process is completed, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful, natural shine which was hiding under layers of mineral buildup!  Just like trUe’s clients are unique, so is their hair! Each hair type needs specialized care to help it look its best. Fine hair benefits from protein treatments to help it appear thicker, while coarse hair needs moisture to smooth the cuticle. Ask your trUe stylist for additional recommendations to boost your hair's resiliency and protect it from future damage. Tip 4: Less Stress is Best! Try not to sweat the little things! When you’re stressed, you may start to over-process, tug harshly on your comb, or neglect your hair completely. In rare cases, extreme stress could even cause your hair to fall out! If you’re concerned about hair loss, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) has provided a comprehensive article to help shed light on normal hair growth and loss. Instead of shouldering the weight of the world's woes, try yoga, meditation, breathe deeply, or simply write down your thoughts to help reduce stress. trUe’s team of expert stylists are here for you and for your hair! For additional tips to help reduce hair breakage and remedy existing hair damage, simply schedule a consultation at your nearest trUe salon - we would be happy to help you find the right fix for flawless hair without the stress.