How to De-Mangle Your Tangles

trUe salon and color café presents an ongoing series offering easy tips and tricks from our expert stylists to help you maintain your best salon hair at home. Today, trUe takes on… the tangle! There is nothing worse (or more painful) than trying to de-knot stubborn hair tangles. Whether it’s your own hair or your child’s hair, the process can be frustrating, time consuming, and depending on the tangle, damaging to your hair. At trUe, we are happy to share proactive steps to prevent those notorious knots. Check out trUe’s top anti-tangle tips below: trUe Tip 1: Try washing hair every other day to retain more natural oils and nutrients. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) suggests massaging shampoo onto the scalp, instead of the entire length of your hair. When rinsed, the shampoo will gently cleanse the remaining hair. Using a conditioner after shampooing will help replace essential oils which are removed during the cleansing process and aid in taming frizz- and static-prone hair. Look for a conditioner which offers UV protection to limit environmental damage. Tip 2: Consider air drying hair or wrapping it loosely in a towel to absorb excess water. This can help prevent hair damage and ultimately reduce tangles. In a recent article, SELF Magazine describes how rubbing hair dry with a towel can cause excess frizz and potential damage to the hair cuticle. Tip 3: For those who experience tangles on a regular basis, leave-in conditioners can offer welcome relief. Apply the product to slightly damp hair for increased manageability without adding excessive weight to the hair. Many leave-in conditioners also offer protection from heated styling tools and sunscreen to guard against harmful UV rays. trUe’s best-loved leave-in conditioner is ProRituals ColorFuel which guards hair against damaging sun exposure while eliminating frizz. trUe Tip 4: Always utilize a wide-tooth comb or brush specifically designed for use on wet hair, when de-tangling after a shower. Water increases the elasticity of hair causing it to break more easily than dry hair. trUe salon carries The Wet Brush, which uses unique IntelliFlex™ bristles to detangle hair without breaking it. Tip 5: While convenient, pulling your hair into a tight ponytail or bun can cause damage to the hair shaft. Consider styles that are gentler on your hair like a loose braid. Using a scrunchie or covered rubber band can also decrease the risk of damage to your hair. trUe Tip 6: If you’re still experiencing difficulties with tangled and unmanageable hair, consider a deep conditioning treatment. trUe provides a variety of treatments tailored to your specific hair type. The Malibu 2000 Treatment offers a perfect remedy for New Englander’s who often experience harsh water conditions which lead to a mineral build up over time. The treatment removes mineral and product buildup for healthier and more controllable hair. trUe salon and color café encourages those with hair concerns to schedule a free consultation. We’d be happy to help you – and your hair – look and feel its best!