The Power of Malibu 2000 Treatments

Living in New England has its perks including changing of the seasons, high-quality health care, prestigious schools, and postcard-worthy scenery. However, similar to 85% of the nation New Englanders’ hair is impacted by the unpleasant side effects derived from shower water. Large amounts of dissolved minerals, including calcium and magnesium, often end up in household water, wreaking havoc on hair. Malibu 2000 treatments can change all of that.People experience everything from dryness to breakage, color change, and more, leaving many seeking a solution to counteract the mineral build-up caused by their water. A revolutionary product, created to provide a beauty and hair health solution can help. Malibu 2000 treatments have been proven as a toxin-shedding and shine-inducing superhero for your hair and is applauded for their natural qualities. Everyone can benefit from a Malibu: Your hair is like a sponge, absorbing mineral buildup and toxins from water, swimming pools, air pollution, and even from medications. As these minerals buildup in the hair cuticle, your hair may become dry and brittle. Strands may often feel “weighed down” and unmanageable. Mineral buildup not only affects how your hair feels, but can drastically transform its appearance as well. Depending on the type of minerals to which your hair is exposed, a green or orange tint may appear on the hair’s surface. The amount of buildup in your hair can also have a negative impact on common salon treatments, like coloring and perming. Minerals like copper and lead can interrupt how chemical services process, lending to poor color quality or ineffective perms. How it Works: Malibu 2000 is a two-step treatment that works to safely strip hair of product and mineral buildup, while increasing the strength and texture of your hair. As described by Malibu C, a leader in providing hair care products which are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, the first step used in this popular wellness treatment is a patented mixture of antioxidant vitamin crystals, which dissolve into gel. When the gel is activated, it gently removes mineral deposits and other impurities. The second step is a reconstructing agent which repairs the weak areas of your hair by strengthening them from within, using plant-derived proteins. The End Result: After your Malibu 2000 treatment, you’ll see an immediate difference in the way your hair looks and feels. Those who received their first Malibu treatment have noticed increased vibrancy, bounce, and shine. With the layers of buildup washed away, your hair is now perfectly prepared for color and texturizing services. So what are you waiting for? Call your trUe Salon and Color Cafe today, and rid your hair of damaging buildup and discover a brand with innovative products and integrity. trUe carries a large assortment of Malibu C’s most popular products, to keep your strands mineral-free at home. trUe’s team of expert stylists is happy to provide informative blogs to keep your hair looking beautiful and to help you feel great! For additional tips on the best salon treatments for your unique hair type and preference, schedule a FREE consultation at your nearest trUe salon - we would be happy to help you explore all of your options and hope to become the “go-to source” for your haircare needs.