Simple Summer Hairstyles to Beat the Heat

As summer winds down it’s easy to think those hot, muggy days are behind us, but weather reports are indicating there might be plenty more to go around as we head into September. Fortunately, trUe Salon and Color Cafe recommends some easy and simple summer hairstyles to beat the heat. true salon and color cafe swide swept ponytailIf you have longer hair, consider a side-swept ponytail; just gather hair to one side of your head, twist into a very low ponytail and you're done! Have you tried the Knot as a summer hairstyle? It's helpful when it comes to keeping those wispy locks out of your face, and super simple too - bring hair high on your head and pull it into a knot. trUe Knot Hair SuggestionIf you're looking to keep hair off your neck, consider the twisted bun. Simply, twist your hair up, twirl it into a bun and lock it into place with a few bobby pins. Fret not those of you blessed with thick hair, trUe has a summer hairstyle solution for you too. Sweep up a portion of your hair to one side and then use some of your favorite hair clips to loosely hold it together. half-up-half-down trUe Salon twisted bunOdds are you're still hitting your favorite watering hole. So don't forget this simple summer hairstyle tip to avoid damaging your hair after your swim or shower. Avoid rubbing your hair too hard or squeezing it too tight. It roughs up your cuticle layer, which causes breakage and dullness. Instead, gently squeeze, blot or scrunch your hair. Be sure to use a high quality cotton or microfiber towel too, since they're gentler on your hair compared to cheaper towels. Finally, give your summer hairstyle a little love with a weekly clarifying treatment. It removes mineral build-up, caused by hard water and chlorine, which makes hair rough, dry and difficult to style. trUe Salon and Color Café’s Malibu clarifying treatments actually purifies hair, helping your summer hairstyle more manageable. Tho se clarifying treatments will get you better results on color services, highlights and keratin treatments when it’s time to change that summer hairstyle to something more suitable for fall. But that’s for another day. For now there are plenty of days left to enjoy a variety of summer styles.