Looking for an Extended Change?

hair-extensionsAs we transition from summer vacationing to fall activities changings aspects of our own lives makes sense too. Maybe for you that means a new hair color or style. Maybe it’s adding volume and length to your look. If that’s the case you may want to consider hair extensions. Hair extensions aren’t just for length. They can add a spritz of color and even volume, which can boost limp, fine and thinning hair. Hair extensions can be braided, glued, woven, or even clipped in. So what’s the best choice for you? Consider these points before visiting your favorite stylist.

Hair Extensions - Options

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to find the extension and application that works best with your hair and scalp. If you hair is at least three inches long you can get extensions, and the longer your hair and extensions the more style options you’ll have. Consider individual strands for a customized and natural look. You can even choose hair extensions with highlights and different shades of color too! Avoid ones that are heavier than your own hair. They can damage and break off hair. Extensions can be synthetic or made from 100%-natural human hair. While human hair is more expensive, our trUe stylists recommend it over synthetic. Natural, human-hair provides the most natural look, and are much easier to maintain. Synthetic kinds usually cannot be heated, which means no blow dryers and curling irons and limited styling options. trUe offers a variety of options from SoCap, which offers an assortment of beautiful, long-lasting hair extensions. Be sure to ask your trUe stylist which hair extension will work best for you.

Hair Extensions - Method

It’s key to use extensions made from the highest quality human hair, but how they're attached is just as important. They can be sewn in, where hair is braided tightly to create a base for the hair extensions that are then attached to the braid. There are clip-ins too, which attach around the head by a clip - they take a short amount of time to apply and are great for special occasions. Synthetic bonding and gluing are also options, but not recommended because they can deteriorate with humidity, washing, and hair tools, causing the extensions fall out. Fusion methods using a Keratin bond create a strong hold, are relatively gentle, and allow hair extensions to be removed without damaging hair.

true Salon and Color CafeHair Extensions - Care

Extensions can take from four to six hours to initially put in, so you’ll want to put the proper care into them to get the most out of them. Human hair extensions should be treated as real hair, but more gently. Use a special brush made for hair extensions or a wide-toothed brush to prevent damaging new hair extensions and their bond. Use a detangler before taking a shower and slowly brush your extensions. When washing your hair extensions use cool water along with a gentle shampoo and light conditioner to reduce tangling. You can also avoid tangling the roots by gently brushing the hair extension attachment site and the extensions. Remember to put your hair in a ponytail or braid before going to sleep to avoid knots.

Final Hair Extension Tips

Hair extensions are a great way to transform your look, so it’s important to have them done correctly the first time. Make sure you visit a licensed professional, and if you color your hair, have it done at the same salon that put in your hair extensions. Ask your designer for photos of extensions they have done to get styling ideas. Make sure you understand how your extensions will be removed and how damage to natural hair can be minimized. Discussing your hair extension strategy with your stylists, and making follow-up appointments to ensure the best care, will help you get the most from your new, extended look!