Pumpkin Spice isn't just for Lattes. It's a Fall Hair Color too!

So your friend tells you she’s dying to try pumpkin spice, cinnamon swirl or caramel chestnut. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking that you’re headed to her favorite coffee house or sweet shop. But don’t be surprised if she’s talking about a fall hair color instead. Those, along with smoky lilac and golden honey, are the must-have fall hair colors this season.   Fall Hair Color trUe SalonPumpkins Spice, also known as Gingersnap, has copper stands mixed in with shades of golden blonde and chestnut, giving this fall hair color a multidimensional, shimmery, autumn leaf look.   If your hair is already a rich, dark brown, think about going with warmer-toned streaks, like amber, caramel chestnut, chocolate and auburn to give your fall hair color more dimension.   Fall Hair Color trUe Salon_gray_grombreStill daydreaming about that fabulous blonde Ombre you had this summer? You can still have those luxurious highlight blends, but instead try the Grombre, a chic, unconventional color that transforms from dark gray up top to a paler shade toward the bottom, making it perfect for any hair length. Smoky Lilac transitions from deep gray purple to pale lavender and also looks great on longer hair. Not sure gray or lilac hues fit your fall hair color palette? Ask your stylist for a Sombre instead - it’s similar to an Ombre but has a more subtle, natural look.   Fall Hair Color trUe Salon_cinnamon_swirlCinnamon Swirl is another great fall hair color for those looking for that “bronde” look because it combines warm honey tones with brown sugary shades. The “bronde” hue was big last year, but it’s just as popular this season with its low-maintenance, two-tone blend of blonde and brunette.   If your dark hair needs a bold upgrade, consider golden honey highlights for brighter accents and dimension. Better yet, try a complete color melt - a technique that melts together multiple tones creating a multi-dimensional and natural look that seamlessly reflects different tones and natural light.   Maybe all of this fall hair color isn’t your thing. Move right into next season with raven black. Rich single-process dark hues will give you that wintery, moody black that’ll help you stand out on the grayest or snowiest of days.   soma_clarifying_shampoo1_smallRegardless of where the color wheel takes you this fall remember these product and style tips to keep your color lasting all season long:  

  • If you shampoo before your color, use a PH balanced clarifying shampoo at least once a week. If you haven’t been using one or have hard or well water, schedule a demineralizing treatment the same day as color
  • Wash hair twice a week with a color protecting shampoo and conditioner (at least one with clarify – we recommend Soma)
  • Use a good dry shampoo on non-wash days, like Bed Head ‘Oh Bee Hive!, Flower Power, and Moroccan Oil brands)
  • Deep condition hair for five minutes once a month with Moroccan Oil Protein for fine hair or Moroccan Oil Moisture for thick/coarse. Do this once a week if your hair is more than two shades lighter than your natural color.
  • Avoid blow-drying, or use Ergo brushes and only warm settings on dryer.
  • Cool water rinses
  • Avoid aerosol spray in the first 24 hours of your color
  • Always use sulfate-free shampoo
  • Leave-in spray conditioners saves a step in the shower and leaves hair easy to comb through