Fight the Damaged Hair Dilemma with Conditioning and Olaplex

With dry air swirling around all winter long, it’s a good idea to treat your hair to some conditioning and restoring love. Our trUe team recommends deep conditioning and Olaplex's restoring treatment. Both solutions will prevent hair “breakage” and replenish moisture that gets whisked away by dry heat and cold winter air. trUe Salon Conditioning and Olaplex solutionsWhile trUe has a variety of different conditioning treatments to meet everyone’s hair care needs, clients who color or highlight can safely repair and strengthen hair with conditioning and Olaplex. Olaplex restores, on the molecular level, broken hair bonds caused by chemical, thermal and mechanical damage. Its three-step process begins with a unique Bond Multiplier formula, applied at trUe Salon. This immediately rebuilds broken bonds. The Bond Perfector, also applied by a trUe stylist, continues to rebuild and restore ensuring strong, shiny hair. Finally, Olaplex’s Hair Perfector is used at home for continued protection. Ask your trUe stylist to see how Olaplex can strengthen and restore your hair.

Other helpful tips to prevent hair from drying out:

Keep hair washing to a minimum to two to three times a week. Dry hair before going outdoors - the moisture in your hair combined with the cold air can make hair brittle and dry. Get regular trims - about every six to eight weeks – to reduce dry, splitting ends. Use a humidifier - A humidifier adds just enough moisture in your home or apartment to prevent skin and hair from getting to dry.