Make it a Malibu Summer

After a cool spring it’s a relief to know that the warmer days of summer are almost here. That means swimming in the lake or pool, or relaxing beachside aren’t too far away either. While these activities can be good for the soul, they can wreak havoc on our hair. So why not make it a Malibu summer? Chlorine, water softeners, hard water and even salt from ocean water can turn a great vacation day into a bad hair day. Calcium and iron in hard water turn blonde hair dark and brassy. Mineral buildup can tint hair color and even interrupt the hair color process resulting in poor color quality. Meanwhile salt from the ocean saps moisture from hair making it dull and tangled, and difficult to brush out. Saltwater can even give hair a hard texture and cause split ends and breakage. Don’t worry. You don’t have to avoid the water all season long. Just make sure to apply a demineralizing treatment before your summer begins and then at the end of the season too. trUe stylists recommend the Malibu 2000 demineralizing treatment. It safely strips hair of product and mineral buildup and increases hair strength and texture. Malibu 2000’s antioxidant vitamin crystals gently remove mineral deposits and other impurities giving hair a shiny look and making it feel lighter. Also, use a clarifying product, like Soma’s Clarifying shampoo, at least once a week. It removes the mineral deposits that can build up when your hair is exposed to pool water. trUe salon has plenty of great hair care products to suit your needs however you vacation. So be sure to give us a visit before you head to your favorite summer spot.