Keratin? What's a Keratin?

If you hang around hair salons long enough, there's a good chance you've heard or read about keratin, and the variety of keratin treatments available. You may not have thought much about it if you didn't think a this type of service was for you, but the truth is we all have keratin. Keratin is actually a protein in our body that protects certain cells from damage or stress, and it's an important part in forming our hair and nails. Our hair, especially, is made up of these proteins, which protect the cuticle, the hair's outer layers, as well as our hair's internal core, which helps determine strength. true salon keratin before natural curls true salon keratin natural curl after true salon frizz control keratin before treatment true salon frizz control keratin after treatment As porosity decreases, hair can become dry and brittle. Replenishing keratin can help correct porosity levels, which restores strength and elasticity, and provides a more healthy, youthful appearance to your hair. Treatments also smooths the hair's surface, which can be great if you're looking to battle the frizz that comes with hot, humid weather. Even though there a variety of treatments, figuring out which one to use doesn't need to be an ordeal. Depending on how much your hair needs and the level of smoothing you'd like there's usually a range of services to suit your needs. Want a quick treatment? Try trUe’s Infusion service. It lasts up to seven days, and is usually the least expensive treatment. Need more time away from the frizz? Get trUe’s Express Service, which can last from four to six weeks. If you want to be frizz-free all summer, go for trUe's full treatment, which can last four months or longer. One of the most important things to consider is the ingredients used in these treatments. It's important to avoid any smoothing product that has harsh chemicals, which is why trUe uses the Keratin Complex line. Its Smoothing Therapy treatments naturally bind keratin to the hair, preventing humidity from penetrating hair. Keratin Complex also has Color Therapy products, which use the same Complex technology to ensure that hair gets stronger and smoother as it undergoes the coloring process. However you decide to help your hair stay healthy and smooth, it's important to work with your trUe stylists so they can help determine which Keratin Complex service is best for you.