A trUe Answer to the Age-Old Haircut Question

So when exactly should I get my next haircut? This is probably one of  the top five questions asked by clients. And we finally have an answer for you - it depends. We know, it’s not the one you were looking for, but like most things in life there’s always a gray area. No doubt you’ve probably heard the usual, “book your next appointment in six to eight weeks from now.” Well for some folks, that’s probably about the right time between cuts. But what about those with curly hair, or processed, or straight, or anything else? Here’s the trUe guide on when to get your haircut.

12 Weeks

For coarse hair or tight curls plan on a haircut once a quarter. That’s usually when you’ll start seeing knots or split ends. Just remove a quarter inch, though, if you want to keep or grow out your length. If you have virgin hair – it’s never been colored, hasn’t been exposed to frequent hot tools - or your young (early 20s and younger), you can go about three months between visits before your hair starts to look frayed and messy.

8 – 12 Weeks

Long hair, either wavy or straight, doesn’t usually need a specific shape that needs much maintenance. So if you care for it by moisturizing frequently or minimizing the heating tools, you can got about 8 to 12 weeks before you start to see broken or split ends. Those with fine or medium curls tend to keep their hair hydrated. As a result, they can wait about two to three months before cuts. If you wait too long, though, your curls can look stretched out. So for those with fine hair plan for a cut around the 8-week time frame.

6 – 8 Weeks

If you have long or different layers, you’ll want to see visit your favorite salon in about six to eight weeks. This way you’ll still be able to keep your hair long enough for the layers but short enough in the front to frame your face. Those with a bob should also get a haircut around this time.

4 – 6 Weeks

Fine hair, wavy or straight, should be cut within four to six weeks because it needs to be reshaped without cutting off too much. Short hair should also be cut about every four weeks since too much hair growth will diminish the look you’re going for.

When you feel the time is right.

You know the day you look in the mirror and feel like your hair is just out of whack or not doing what it should? That’s usually a good indicator that it’s time to see your favorite stylist. Need a way to keep track of your haircut appointments? Planning with your stylist after a visit is a great idea, but also be sure to take advantage of promotions the salon might offer. For example, our trUe crew offers “Book in Five, Save 10.” Book your next appointment within five weeks of your cut on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and you’ll save 10%. You’ll save some bucks and won’t have to worry about remembering when you’ll need that next cut.