It’s Almost Spring! Get out the Foils!

If the mild winter weather wasn’t enough to keep you cheery until spring (take heart, it’s just a little more than three weeks away) maybe it’s time to get out the foils! And by foils we mean getting those hair highlights that might just lift your spirit a bit. But should you get foils, a balayage or maybe a combination? Don’t worry, your trUe stylist knows best, but here’s a quick guide to figuring out what's best for you. foils for trUe salon and color cafeFoils and balayage are very versatile and can create a variety of interesting looks. You can use them for highlights or lowlights while protecting sections of hair from becoming over processed. foils for trUe salon and color cafe They can also add additional color streaks to your hair or just touch up roots that have been growing out.  Foils lighten hair from roots to end. They're great if you have dark hair and want more layers of lighter hair, if you’re looking for a dramatic color contrast between highlights and lowlights, or if you’re transitioning from very blonde to a softer color and want to isolate the initial lowlights. Balayage (a French word meaning “to sweep or paint”) softens or mutes hair color at the root and then gets progressively lighter as it travels to the end. The stylist applies dye either open air or with a plastic film on hair for a graduated, natural-looking color with less noticeable regrowth lines. The majority of the highlight stays in your hair’s mid-shaft and ends, but is softly connected to the base. Balayage is best if you’re new to highlights, want less maintenance, or if you’re looking to soften the regrowth of foil highlights. Sometimes you can combine these two techniques, which is known as American Tailoring. This uses foils for highlights and then the balayage hair-painting method for remaining hair between the foils. The isolation and heat from the foils create a distinct pattern, while the balayage between the foils provides a softer color through the mid-shaft and ends. You’ll want this if you have dark hair and want to go lighter or if you want the brightness of a foil highlight at the base and a color melt effect through the mid-shaft and ends of your hair. Whether its foils or a balayage, be sure to check out all the services we offer, and talk to your trUe stylists to ensure your new look makes you feel great and gives you that extra spring in your step.