trUe Staff Pass Along New Color Trends, Styles and Techniques from 2016 Energizing Summit

energizing_summitHere’s a trUe Salon and Color Café insider tip for you. A Cosmetology license just doesn’t cut it for trUe stylists. In fact, training goes beyond the stylist chair and even our Westborough and Framingham salons! trUe has its very own in-house education team, which ensures every staff member understands how to give clients the best hair care experience possible, from a cut and hair color to styling and smoothing, and everything in between including new color trends, styles and techniques. Every year trUe sends stylists to the Energizing Summit, the premiere hair coloring educational event presented by the American Board of Certified Haircolorists. The 2016 Energizing Summit included topics like long hair color trends, the marriage of color and cut, hair color to enhance face shapes, the art of the blow dry, and a special presentation by Modern Salon Media Publisher, Steve Reiss, titled, “Really Understanding the Color Customer.” This year trUe was represented by Sammy, Molly, Stephanie, Rachel, and Katie, all of whom returned rejuvenated and excited to teach their fellow stylists. At the quarterly trUe team meeting each of them presented the high points of their three days of classes. Sammy discussed avoiding coloring that’s too dark for darks, too gold for brassy blondes, and who to get hair into superior condition. Molly, trUe Salon and Color Café’s Westborough education team leader, covered the relationship between color and hair movement, as well as unconventional foil and weave placements that offer a more natural look. Ask us about using some of these techniques the next time you’re in! Stephanie taught trUe stylists how to remove direct dyes (unwanted, old purples, blues, bright reds etc.), along with the proper combination of color and conditioner to enhance color and prevent fading. Rachel, trUe’s Framingham education team leader, taught about Balayage, a French word meaning to sweep or paint, and a technique involving coloring various strands of hair to create a softer, more natural looking color. Finally, Katie talked about properly preparing a client’s hair before coloring, and the importance of demineralizing, which can be done with services like trUe’s Malibu treatment, and products like, Get Pure Shampoo and Soma Clarify Shampoo. “Hair care is an always-evolving process, which makes the field so interesting and exciting,” Rachel says. “Clients have unique needs and in general love to know about the latest technique and hairstyle. That’s why training events and constant education are so important. Having the entire trUe staff know what works, and what’s hot, and not, and how we can improve our craft is important because it all leads to providing the best experience for trUe clients.”