Keep Your Hair From Drying Out This Winter


Here in New England - winter exists. Lucky us! We also get the added bonus of winter bringing dull hair that suffers from a lack of moisture. Hair that sustains damage from constantly transitioning from the cold outdoors, to heated buildings and vehicles. No need to worry, trUe Salon stylists have some tips and tricks to help you blast your frizzy, dry, static hair away!


1) Treat yourself to a Malibu Clarifying Treatment. Make sure you stop by the salon for your treatment once the seasons change. Malibu Clarifying Treatment removes mineral buildup from hard water, hair products, chlorine, and salt. We recommend getting a treatment every 3 months, and using your at-home clarifying shampoo once a week.

2) Moisturize your hair with products - especially after your clarifying treatment. Hair oil and leave in conditioners are great to help add moisture back into your hair. Try Moroccanoil Hair Treatment, which contains top quality argan oil, a personal favorite of ours!

3) Wash your hair less. If you’re the person that shampoos your hair every day, it’s time to take a step back - at least for the winter. Washing too often strips your hair of natural oils which keep it protected and moisturized. In the colder months, this moisture is desperately needed. Try washing every other day, every 2 days, or even every 3 days if it is still lacking moisture. Dry shampoo is winter’s best friend between washes, and will keep your hair smelling and looking great! If your roots aren’t oily, you can even skip the shampoo in the shower and use conditioner only.


4) Close the bathroom door during your shower, and shut off the fan to retain steam and humidity. This will give more volume and curl, and lock it in with your favorite products to seal seal and hold.

5) Use a dryer sheet to tame static hair. Dryness causes your fine strands to lift from your head...which isn’t the best 'do. For a quick fix, lightly smooth a dryer sheet over fly-aways. However, this isn’t a permanent solution, so make sure you follow our other advice and lock in moisture.

6) Prepare for cooler months by mixing up your products to make sure they contain more moisture rich properties. You’ll also want to use more products. If you have med fine to fine hair, you will need 20-40% more product to hold in drier cooler air. If you have curly hair, and the curl is weak - add more curl defining products.

7) Use less smoothing/ frizz reduction products if you have too curly/frizzy/voluminous hair in humidity. Your season is here. Wallets, rejoice!

While the cold New England weather can leave us all feeling a bit dried out and frosty, it isn't all bad. Being prepared with a little advice from our stylists can help your mane stay beautiful and shiny all year round. There is also something to be said for a warm fuzzy blanket and a steaming cup of hot chocolate, don't you think?