Simple Summer Haircare - Catch Some Rays, Protect Those Locks

true_salon_woman_hat Pop open the sunroof and roll out the beach blankets. Plunge into a pool, take on a wave or just chill in your favorite happy place. Whatever’s on your summer “to do” list, now’s the time to get it done. Favorite tunes downloaded? Check. Hottest swimwear ready to go? Check. Necessary sunblock applied? Check. Essential summer haircare products packed? Uh, what? We know how important it is to protect ourselves from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, but often we’ll rush out to a favorite summertime activity without thinking about protecting our hair from prolonged sun exposure. As the temperature rises you might find yourself dealing with dryness, frizz, limp hair, or texture changes, but you don’t have to shun the sun to keep your hair looking great all summer long. Just follow a few summer haircare tips. Take it Easy Avoid over-styling your hair during the summer. Keep your look easy and simple. Melyssa, a member of the trUe Salon and Color Café education team, recommends using summer haircare products like Aquage or Keratin Complex Sea Salt sprays that keep hair lightweight and bouncy. Stay Moisturized Summer heat breaks down your hair’s protein making it dry and brittle. So replenish it weekly with Moroccan Oil’s Weightless Hydrating deep-conditioning treatment, which contains proteins like keratin that fills in gaps in the hair shaft making it stronger and locking in moisture. Spray wet or dry hair with a protective spray like Aveda’s Sun Care or Soma’s Leave-In conditioner. Remember to re-spritz each time you apply sunscreen. Protect Your Part Just like any other unexposed areas of your body, your hair part can burn and peel if exposed to too much sun. Use leave-in conditioners, hair sprays or other styling aids with a sun protection factor (SPF) to beat back the sun. An SPF level of between 10 – 15 is recommended. A wide-brim hat made from tightly woven, ultraviolet protection fabric or a baseball cap is the best way to protect your head, and make sure you tuck in that ponytail! Break Down the Build Up SPF is great for blocking out the sun, but it also builds up on hair shafts, which can prevent hair growth. Perspiration, and the fact that heat prompts the body to produce more oil, can make your hair look greasy and dirty. Fight back by using Soma’s Clarifying Shampoo once a week. If you have greasy roots, apply conditioner only to your ends or use a dry shampoo that has oil-absorbing powders. Go have fun, but try a few of these summer haircare tips before heading out. Better yet, check in with your favorite trUe Salon and Color Cafe stylist for the products that will work best for you!