Time for a Break Up? Re-thinking the Relationship with Your Stylist

Thanks to Valentine’s Day, there always seems to be some kind of focus on relationships during February. Is it really an opportunity for a fresh start or just something to distract us from all of those resolutions we made in the new year? Whatever it is, we say it’s time for a break up – with your stylist that is. Our trUe crew understands that working with a hair stylist can be a very personal matter. It’s not every day you trust someone with how you look. But we also know everyone gets into a rut every now and then, and sometimes the best way to shake that off is to try something new. Even if you’ve been with your stylist for a long time, you should ask yourself if you’re tired or bored with your look, or if you find yourself bending your personal schedule to find an appointment that best fits your stylist’s availability. If that’s the case it might be time for a new relationship. Our team understands what you’re going through and that's why they encourage clients to try different trUe stylists. It fosters creativity and it’s what the trUe team concept is all about. By working together, any trUe stylist you choose will understand your needs and likes, giving you the freedom to make an appointment that works best for you and the confidence knowing you'll leave your visit looking and feeling great. If you’re already a trUe client, we love having you, and thanks so much for your loyalty and trust.  If you’re thinking about breaking up with your stylist, we say it’s ok, and we hope you'll give us a try. It could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.