There’s a (Hair Color) Change in the Air

Those of us living in New England know that any change in the air during March and April, and sometimes even May, can mean the promise of spring, but it could also be followed by an 11-inch snowstorm (Remember early March?), and a reminder that winter isn't done with us just yet. Well the weather might not be ready to change, but what about you? Looking to do something different with your hair this season, maybe a different style or new hair color? If a new hair color is in your spring plan, here's what the trUe crew has to say: true salon and color cafe hair color Get Ultra-violet – The hot hair color look this spring offers muted, ashy, lavender and violet shades. A rose is a rose – If you’ve been thinking about rose-gold hues but don’t want too much pink, consider blended, blush highlights for a low-key hint of pink. Blonde, blonde and blonde - Caramel-blonde, warm, honey-blonde tones, and creamy strawberry blonde hair color shades are also in this season. Remember the Platinum look of 2017? Well this season it’s getting a grungy look with deep, bold shades and exposed roots. Deep and dark doesn’t always mean winter and fall - Expect to see rich hues of the Auburn ombré into summer.

Finally, don’t forget these hair color tips:

  • If you shampoo before your hair color, use a PH balanced clarifying shampoo at least once a week.
  • Schedule a demineralizing treatment the same day as your color, especially if you have hard or well water.
  • Wash hair twice a week with a color protecting and clarifying shampoo (Make sure it’s sulfate-free!) and conditioner (we recommend Soma)
  • Use a good dry shampoo on non-wash days, like Bed Head ‘Oh Bee Hive! and Moroccan Oil brands
  • Deep condition hair for five minutes once a month with Moroccan Oil Protein for fine hair or Moroccan Oil Moisture for thick/coarse hair. Do this once a week if your hair color is more than two shades lighter than your natural color.
  • Avoid blow-drying, or use Ergo brushes and only warm dryer settings.
  • Rinse with cool water.
  • Avoid aerosol spray in the first 24 hours of your hair color.
  • Use leave-in spray conditioners to save a step in the shower. It leaves hair easy to comb through too!

Regardless of what you choose, changing something in your daily life, whether it’s a new routine or a fresh hair color, is a great way to leave the last season behind and enjoy that renewed refreshed feeling of something new. Don’t forget to call ahead for your next hair color appointment. Whether you’re new to trUe or an existing client, be sure to consult with our stylists ahead of your hair color service. With our crew of American Board Certified Hair Colorists, there’s no doubt our trUe stylists will help you choose the absolute right color and look for you.