What Is Balayage, And The Reasons To Consider It


Over the past few years, balayage has been showing up all over the country - from Chrissy Teigan on the red carpet, to your beautiful next door neighbor. 

 Developed in France in the 1970’s, balayage is the answer to those looking to achieve sun kissed, perfectly blended, melting color. Your colorist will paint the color in by hand instead of using foil, or a cap. This allows them to become an artist (your hair, the canvas),  for a fully customizable, and natural look. 

 Should you consider balayage? There are many reasons to consider going for this graduated, natural look. 


Low Maintenance

Hello, low maintenance color! Goodbye, harsh re-growth lines! Personally, I love that balayage keeps the hair more natural, with less color processing. Not only does it always look great, this means healthier hair - which is always a positive thing!

Easy on The Hair

Balayage highlights are placed with purpose throughout the hair, in a strategic fashion. Bleaching is focused on face-framing highlights to brighten your face, and achieve a noticeable transformation - with minimal damage to the rest of you hair.

Changing with the Seasons

Balayage is the perfect way to lighten up your hair for warmer weather! However, for all you winter vacation goers, balayage is diverse. Your hair can be richly painted in warmer colors and tones to move effortlessly into the cooler months. You can rock this look in tropical paradise, and come home to the crisp air seamlessly. 


 Finally Get Rid of Those Highlights

Balayage will blend all of those old foil highlights that you have been trying (for years) to grow out. Need we say more? 

Color Dimension

Balayage adds gorgeous color dimension, in a beautifully natural way. Nervous about a change or lightening up? This is the way to go. Everyone’s hair will catch the sun’s rays in just the right way every now and then, to create a prism of color tones - balayage does this for your hair permanently.  

Volume, baby!

Oh yeah, balayage can thicken up that ‘do! Strategically placed colorful highlights give hair thickness and fullness. And it’s not just an illusion - hair color actually causes the shaft to expand and thicken. 

 It’s for (Nearly) Everyone

All hair types can handle balayage - because it is an art form 100% customized to the individual. As long as you have a great colorist, this technique works on thick, thin, straight, curly, long, short, light, dark, etc.! Typically, it works best on hair that is shoulder length or longer. Something like a pixie cut may not work simply because the canvas is so short. 

 If you aren’t ready to dye your hair to achieve a balayage style, try some well-placed hair extensions. Not only are hair extensions a great way to try out balayage before committing to lightening your hair,  they can also be saved for a special occasion to transform your style. Our stylists can help you decide what is best for your hair goals. Schedule a free consult today!