Meet Your Hair Bonding Superhero - Olaplex

Ready to see how a little science can help restore your hair to its original sheen and soft glow? Ok, here goes. Your hair is made up of amino acids, which break down when they’re exposed to chemical treatments like hair coloring. When this breakdown happens your hair loses that natural shine and gives it a dull look. Hair care professionals and clients alike were frustrated with this breakdown, but thanks to two chemists who specialize in broken bonds and the damage that occurs during chemical processes, Olaplex was created. Olaplex at true Salon and Color CafeQuite simply, Olaplex restores hair bonds that are broken by chemical, thermal and mechanical damage. If you’re really into the science behind this, click here. Stylists love it because it gives them more freedom to color or style hair without risking the damage that can be associated with color processing. Olaplex's ability to restore hair strength helps stylists push the boundaries of hair color, and some are even using Olaplex beyond the hair color process by mixing it with perm lotion to create beachy and loose-looking permanent waves. Clients love Olaplex because they can get the style they want while keeping a shiny, healthy look. Read more about the Olaplex benefits here. For clients coloring their hair, our trUe crew recommends a three-step process. It starts with the Bond Multiplier, applied at trUe Salon, which immediately rebuilds broken bonds. The Bond Perfector, also applied by a trUe stylist, continues to rebuild and restore hair bonds, ensuring strong, shiny hair. Finally, you’ll use the Olaplex Hair Perfector at home for continued protection. While trUe has a variety of different conditioning treatments to meet everyone’s hair care needs, the next time you’re here ask your stylist about the benefits of Olaplex and the wonders it can do for you and your hair.