trUe Summer Highlights

Have you had a great summer? We hope so. And we hope you’ll be able to sneak in a few more moments of vacation here and there as the season begins to simmer down. Now’s a great time too to reflect on those special moments we’ve had with family and friends to help us get energized for the season ahead. To that end, we’re using this time to highlight a few of our articles that were chock full of summer hair care ideas. These past summer months we discussed protecting ourselves from the sun’s harsh rays (we’ve got that figured out by now thanks to the numerous articles about the recent eclipse) and what our hair goes through all summer with heat, humidity, and all types of water. In trUe’s July blog, Summer’s Still Blazing. Keep Your Hair Amazing, we discussed simple ways to avoid sun damage, including using natural oils in your hair as well as leave-in conditioner. In June we looked at the importance of our hair’s keratin protein and how it restores strength and elasticity. It can also help control frizz when the humidity is high, and it is certainly in abundance this time of year. You can read about trUe's Keratin services too. May’s piece, Make it a Malibu Summer, talked about how a demineralizing treatment, like trUe’s Malibu 2000 service, helps break down mineral buildup that occurs when hair is exposed to chlorine, water softeners, hard water, and even salt from ocean water. Now you can quickly check out our summer hair care ideas all right here and then get back to those summer books you’ve been meaning to finish. Our trUe crew hopes you enjoy these remaining days of summer!