Hot Holiday Gifts for the Beauty Queen in Your Life!

While we’re not entirely sure if the weather outside is frightful yet; one thing is clear, the holidays are rapidly approaching!  Halloween is officially behind us, and the holiday season is right around the corner. The time for gift shopping is here!  Are you left at a complete loss on what to buy the beauty addict in your life?Worry not, trUe Salon and Color Café has you covered, with a gift idea that is sure to impress! With family gatherings, holiday parties, date nights, and all the other special occasions around the holidays, it’s no big surprise that beauty products and services have become a go-to gift. Why not treat the special women in your life to a gift of professionally applied hair extensions? There are 3 types of hair extension options available: Clip-in hair extensions start at $95*. These extensions are temporarily clipped into the hair and can be reused whenever she wants to change her look. Our stylist will cut the extensions, number them, and educate her on how to put them on at home (no additional trips to the salon needed)!Tape-in hair extensions start at $300*. These extensions are taped into the hair, and will last 3-4 months when cared for properly. Our stylists will color match her hair, apply the extensions, and educate her on proper care to get the most time out of them. When she is ready to take them out, professional removal is included. So-Cap hair extensions start at $750-1500*, and include a special brush to care for them at home. These extensions are the most expensive, however they are also the highest quality, and semi-permanent. They will last no less than 4-6 months, and free re-attachment of singles is included. No matter which type of extensions you are considering, consultations are always free! Call us for more information or stop in to chat with a stylist about your options. *Prices confirmed upon consultation.