Katherine Stylist

1) What is your favorite part about working in the salon industry? My favorite part is being able to watch the stylists and learn from their techniques, which I will hopefully use in the future.

2) Tell us about a professional accomplishment. An accomplishment I can mention is being able to say that I worked my way up in the beauty/salon industry, because I started as a reception/desk clerk and will eventually work on the floor soon enough.

3) Describe your style in 3 words? My style is casual, yet professional.

4) What are your top 3 hair products? My three favorite products would be 1. The wow one-minute transformation, 2. The TRI design convert control hairspray and 3. The Moroccan oil

5) Where do you get your inspiration from? Most of my inspiration comes from just looking at other people do the work. For example, if I see somebody’s technique on something online, that will push me further to using and trying that technique the next time I do that specific thing.